Video 2015

August 19, 2015

Key Findings

  • Relative to linear TV, social platforms have more sophisticated targeting capabilities and a distinct advantage in reaching young and wealthy consumers.
  • "Viral Video" is a myth, not a media strategy: paid support is necessary for most branded YouTube videos to achieve scale. Nearly all brand YouTube channels with above-average view counts use True-View InStream advertising to attract 85 percent of their views. Even "Average" YouTube channels source more than half of their views through advertising.
  • On average, popular vlogger channels attract 15 times more channel views and 108 times more subscribers than Beauty and Hair Care brands, making them prime publishing platforms for brands.

About the Report

L2’s Intelligence Report: Video provides a comprehensive overview of the digital video landscape across platforms. With an emphasis on the integral role of video in the Beauty industry, the report examines the content creation, syndication, and paid media strategies behind branded digital video. Landmark case studies highlight proven winning strategies in digital video and clarify what video success means within a broader digital context.

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