E-Commerce Agility 2015

April 16, 2015

Key Findings

  • While early movers on an in-house platform had the highest site scores in L2’s Digital IQ Index® in 2010 and 2011, brands on cloud surpassed in 2012 and have sustained the lead.
  • Brands on cloud platforms are more likely to have a site presence in the emerging markets (60 percent of brands on a cloud platform, versus 45 percent in-house and 40 percent on-premise), leveraging technology that scales globally.
  • 73 percent of brands that have chosen a cloud-platform are high-growth (>10 percent sales growth per year) suggesting the flexibility of the solution attracts organizations with aggressive expansion strategies.

About the Report

This report examines the agility of 82 brands across six categories, as measured by dynamic content creation, emerging feature implementation, and new market entry. Our aim is to quantify the agility of brands and evaluate the role e-commerce platforms play in “agility.”

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