Digital IQ Index®

Personal Care

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The Study

L2’s Digital IQ Index®: Personal Care assesses and ranks the digital performance of 75 U.S. brands. The study finds that while some brands have had successful digitally-led initiatives, most are points of light—characterized by brilliant creative and nimble execution—and not part of a larger integrated effort supporting a business strategy.

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Top 10 Ranking

Brand Class . Brand Class
1. Gillette/Gillette Venus Genius . 6. Olay Gifted
2. Dove/Dove Men+Care Genius . 6. Pampers Gifted
3. Burt's Bees Gifted . 8. Oral-B Gifted
3. Huggies Gifted . 9. Secret Gifted
5. Colgate Gifted . 10. Neutrogena Gifted
. . Ranking out of 75 brands

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