• Performance Analysis

    We measure 850 data points across four dimensions of digital and provide actionable insights to inform strategic objectives and capital allocation.

    • Site & E-Commerce

    • Digital Marketing

    • Mobile

    • Social Media

    Brands are ranked by their Digital IQ Score:

    • 140+


    • 110-139


    • 90-109


    • 70-89


    • <70


  • Competitive Benchmarking

    Quarterly performance reviews that track progress against key Digital IQ Index® metrics and provide a clear sense of where brand stands versus competition.

  • Score Card & Recommendations

    In depth analysis of performance with actionable insights that map to a brand's strategic objectives and shape capital allocation decisions.

  • Modules blend sector insight, performance benchmarks, and identification of brand-specific opportunities.

  • Omnichannel Retail

    How to drive consumers from clicks to bricks and back again by aligning technology and systems, organizational incentives, and empowering an in-store sales team.

  • Social & Content Strategy

    How to develop content-rich experiences that enhance engagement, build brand equity and provide a conversion-oriented path to purchase.

  • Localization

    Strategies for localizing content and commerce experiences to drive growth abroad and meet market-specific consumer expectations.

  • The Digital Organization

    An in-depth analysis of how a brand should organize for success including an examination of structures, incentive, roles, and reporting relationships.

  • Video

    How to maximize return on content, syndication and paid media investments and effectively participate across the digital video landscape.

  • Data & Targeting

    A roadmap for how a brand can utilize data to drive targeted communications across channels and close the commerce loop with loyalty initiatives.

  • An immersive analysis of a brand's digital performance on retailer partner websites.

    • Product availability

    • Merchandising and content

    • Media and promotion

    • User reviews

    • Search optimization

    • Bundling and enterprise scale

    • Pricing and discounting

L2’s executive education programs are focused on developing the digital competence of senior leadership.

  • Clinics

    Clinics are half-day sessions that bring together L2 analysts, industry leaders, and academics to provide offer members an in-depth look at the platforms, trends and strategies changing the face of digital. Recent topics include:

    • Clicks & Mortar (evolution of retail)

    • Goliath.com (e-tailer strategy)

    • Death of Don Draper (Programmatic Media)

    • Digital Winners & Losers (best practices)

  • Research Briefings

    Working breakfast or lunch sessions held in cities around the world to provide members with data and insights from L2 research.

  • Attendees

    Attendee breakdown from our 2015 Clicks & Mortar Clinic (325 total):

L2 Covers the Following Sectors

  • Luxury

  • Beauty

  • CPG

  • Retail

  • Sportswear

  • Food & Drink

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Auto

  • Hospitality

  • Big Box

Geographic Reach

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  • l2 event locations

What Brands Are Saying

  • Q2 2014 Earnings Call

    “In terms of our core customer and progress here, I'm happy to report we're seeing solid growth in our reactivated customer base. Additionally, it was also nice to be recognized externally as we ranked in the top 10 L2 Digital IQ Index out of 82 specialty brands reviewed.”

    — Trish Donnelly, President

  • Q2 2014 Earnings Call

    “We were also extremely pleased that the Estée Lauder brand earned the top ranking the Digital IQ Index for the China beauty market by L2, a leading research group that explores digital innovation.”

    — Fabrizio Freda, CEO

  • Q2 2014 Earnings Call

    “…we were pleased to see that Tiffany, for the third consecutive year, was recently ranked #1 by L2 in their Digital IQ Index, assessing the digital competence of 80 global watch and jewelry brands.”

    — Mark Aaron, President of Investor Relations

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