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What is an L2 Deep Dive?

  • The L2 Deep Dive is a critical component of L2 membership and answers three questions:

    • How does your digital performance benchmark relative to industry peers and other competitors?

    • What near and long-term investments should you make to improve your digital performance and ensure your efforts will deliver impact to your business?

    • And finally, How is your performance progressing over time so that teams and vendors are held accountable?

Product Offering

  • L2 Digital IQ Index

    For brands looking to benchmark their digital performance relative to peers.

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  • Amazon Intelligence

    For brands whose bottom line is impacted by their performance on Amazon.

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  • Category IQ

    For brands with a wide product assortment looking to understand category performance benchmarks.

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  • Intelligence Modules

    For brands looking to develop the digital competence of their leadership in specific areas.

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What Brands Are Saying

  • February 2016, Earnings Call

    “L2, the business intelligence firm that benchmarks the digital performance of brands, awarded kate spade new york a Genius ranking due to our best-in-class digital marketing, the success of the Missadventure series, and our advanced site design and capabilities.”

    — Mary Beech, Chief Marketing Officer

  • FY 2015 Earnings Report

    “And according to the Digital IQ L2 ranking, we have four brands in the top five in the US and three brands in the top five in China, which is pretty excellent.”

    — Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman & CEO

  • Q2 2014 Earnings Call

    “…We were pleased to see that Tiffany, for the third consecutive year, was recently ranked #1 by L2 in their Digital IQ Index, assessing the digital competence of 80 global watch and jewelry brands.”

    — Mark Aaron, President of Investor Relations

  • Our Research

    Our reports (L2 Digital IQ Index, Intelligence reports, and Insight reports) benchmark brands against a competitive set, highlight trends, and analyze specific insights.

  • Our Events

    L2’s 65+ global events bring together L2 analysts, academics, thought leaders, and members in an academic setting.

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