L2’s Category IQ benchmarks an online retailers’ competitiveness across relevant merchandising categories. Retailers use L2's Category IQ insights to understand share of voice within a given category and improve category competitiveness. Brands use Category IQ insights to help educate their retail customers on category best practices, determine optimal assortment and inform promotional tactics across retailers and optimize co-op marketing investments

The Category IQ examines:

  • Search, display advertising and email share of voice in a given category across retailers
  • Pricing and assortment
  • Content & merchandising best practices

Our research takes both a bottoms up approach to determine retailer visibility within key online consumer discovery points and a top down approach to benchmarking content, assortment and pricing competitiveness across a category. The Category IQ Deep Dive reveals category best practices for retailers, optimization strategies and share of voice tracking.

Product Inquiry

Pricing and Assortment

Comparison of product listing, pricing, and brand-level assortment analysis.

Search Visibility and Rank

Longitudinal tracking of organic, paid, and PLA visibility on Google.com and retailer site.

Merchandising and Investments

SKU-level analysis of product listings, and deep dive into content investments.