When blogging first became popular a decade or so ago, the platform choices were painfully limited. If you wanted to launch a fashion blog, a photography blog, or a sports statistics blog, it didn’t really matter whether you went with Blogger or WordPress. Text went in the text box, images were uploaded and inserted, and tah-dah a new post was born.


Today, it’s a very different blogosphere, in large part because entrepreneurs recognized online writers’ need for specialization and their desire to be part of a likeminded community.


Enter Tumblr, which was launched in 2007 and now supports almost 40 million microblogs. One can hardly call it an emerging brand given its giant following, but the concept behind Tumblr—tailoring its platform to those users who want to focus on images and user interaction, not text—is the new direction in digital. Everyone from luxury hotel group Mandarin Oriental to fashion houses Alexander McQueen and Donna Karan use Tumblr on a daily basis not only to raise their online profile but also to share new information with consumers in a creative, engaging way.


Instagram and Pinterest, which facilitate photo sharing and personal bulletin board creation, respectively, also boast highly visual and interactive interfaces. And because all of these platforms thrive on predominately female user bases, they fit hand in glove with the digital strategies for the prestige market. This is why, in addition to the usual Facebook page and Twitter account approach, savvy brands like Oscar de la Renta, Bergdorf Goodman are branching out to include these platforms as well.


And while we’re on the subjects of savviness, media-sharing and Oscar de la Renta…

Sh*t Oscar PR Girl says

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