How can brands create more personalized experiences for customers when many consumers are reluctant to share personal information or spend time filling out data fields? L2’s retail sector lead, Lauren Kaufman Witten, spotlights how brands are achieving personalization without asking customers to complete standard forms.

Beauty has been a leader in this arena, with guided selling tools that bring the beauty counter online. Clinique’s interactive diagnostic quiz is a best-in-class example of how a brand can solicit data by immediately using it to the consumer’s benefit, via personalized product recommendations.

Brands can also find ways around relying on consumers to inform personalization efforts. A wealth of data can be gathered implicitly by examining factors like purchase history and browsing behavior. British retail brand Very provides one innovative example. Crate & Barrel is another leader in personalization, partnering with Edgecase to build an online site experience inspired by tracking in-store browsing tendencies.

For more, see L2’s inaugural Intelligence Report on Personalization, created in partnership with Monetate.

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