By timing videos to coincide with tent-pole events such as holidays and sports competitions, brands can capitalize on buzz and search activity. However, L2’s Intelligence Report: Video reveals that few brands take advantage of these opportunities.

While 75% of Watches and Jewelry brands posted Valentine’s Day-themed content on Facebook and Instagram in Q1 2015, only 10% posted videos. Tiffany & Co. was an exception. The Luxury brand posted three times as many videos on Facebook as the average brand during the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, according to the L2 study. It also revved up its Instagram presence to become the most active Watches and Jewelry brand on the platform, posting three videos each week during the month leading up to the holiday. Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by Valentine’s Day, the videos promoted specific products as gift ideas.

Tiffany & Co. Videos Published to Social Platforms

Beauty trends, which heavily influence sales, can also be considered tent-pole events. When consumer interest in contouring spiked in early 2015, Sephora took advantage of the trend by offering 15-minute contouring lessons at store locations as well as online tutorials, which were promoted heavily on the retailer’s brand site and YouTube channel landing page. Half of all Sephora tutorials on Facebook and one-quarter of those on YouTube were related to contouring.

Interest in “Contouring” Over Five-Year Period in the United States

This focused approach brought the retailer a major advantage in SEO. As of June, was the first organic result for “contouring” searches on, indicating that planning videos around tent-pole events can boost search visibility as well as product sales.



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