With over 22 million monthly visitors and 18% organic unbranded visibility across both desktop and mobile, BBC Good Food is one of the best platforms for UK food retailers to promote themselves. Three retailers — Asda, Ocado, and Tesco — gain outsized visibility on the platform by using these promotion strategies:

Incorporating AI. Most recipes feature a “buy ingredients” tool powered by Whisk, an AI tool connecting publishers, brands, and grocers. Asda, Ocado, and Tesco are already integrated on this platform. Shoppers can quickly compare the price per serving across retailers before adding products to their basket.

BBC Good Food

Buying display ads. 
Brands can take advantage of BBC Good Food’s high site traffic by placing display ads directly on the site, which garnered over 280 million impressions over the last six months — 36 times more than Tesco. An impressive 88% of UK brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Retail Europe place ads on BBC Good Food, as does Amazon. With only 32 million impressions between them, this is just a fraction of the total ad space available on the site.

Sponsoring recipes. Ocado in particular is well integrated on the site with several sponsored recipes and features. On some recipes, Ocado capitalises on the surrounding ad space to create an immersive advertising experience.

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