As mobile strengthens its influence on the entire purchase path, brands are adopting new mobile marketing strategies to connect consumers on-the-go and usher them into their stores. Though retailers can choose from a variety of mobile marketing features to do this, Crate & Barrel makes full use of all functionalities—including one that most other tracked brands are missing.

Although mobile queries related to “where to buy” have grown 85% between 2015 and 2017 and Google has built mobile specific tools to draw consumes to stores, Crate & Barrel is one of the only brands analyzed in Gartner L2’s mobile marketing report to make use of these and all functionalities for this purpose. For example, inventory is listed in a carousel with the in-stock availability and a manual search bar that prompts a grid page of related products. Additionally, selecting an individual product leads shoppers to a product detail page, all without having to click into the brand’s mobile site. To cap it off, Crate & Barrel features images of the local store and offers a dedicated store page with address, phone number, and more.

Still, as of June 2018, only 46% of retailers included this feature in their branded search results. Moreover, only 10% of adopters showed products in the carousel format (similar to Google Shopping ads) that is immediately visible to the searcher. In order to make full use of mobile capabilities, brands should aim to provide a carousel of locally available products underneath the store location branded search result.


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