Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.21.05 PMSportswear brands have high Vine presence relative to other categories. About two-thirds of brands in the category have an account on the platform compared to a third of Beauty brands. However, Sportswear brands’ activity remains low. Nike, for example, has never posted a Vine in its three accounts, all in the top-ten largest Vine communities. Lululemon has the second largest Vine community and has posted only eight Vines. Those who post frequently showcase extreme sports moves of sponsored athletes. Vans, for example, posts Vines of skateboarders doing tricks.


A Vine campaign that stood out was “A Day in the Life of Your Converse” featured as a Flash of Genius in our Digital IQ Index: Sportswear report. Partnering with Urban Outfitters, the brand encouraged users to submit videos of their converse shoes with the hashtag #YourChucks and received 250 submissions in three weeks. It offered converse merchandise and a two-day all-expenses paid trip to San Francisco.


During the 50-day contest, Converse gained 30 new Vine followers a day. Since then, Converse has been engaging fans on the platform by soliciting user-generated content and tapping popular events such as SXSW. (The brand gave free Mohawks at the music festival and gave a pair of shoes to volunteers to have their head shaved off.)

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