Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.14.11 PMUnlike in Western markets, perfume and cologne are regarded as a unnecessary purchases in China. China accounts for just 0.8% of the global Fragrance market, but international brands are looking to change that. Dior, for example, created a mini-movie about a love affair starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Romain Gavras titled The Film. The Twilight star was a fitting choice for the young demographic Fragrance brands are targeting in China. The black and white clip resonated as well. #Dior Homme# was mentioned 61,158 times on Sina Weibo and The Film was viewed 838 times on Youku and 1,487,042 times on YouTube.


Chanel tried the other end of the spectrum from hiring a young star; it made a series of mini-movies about the brand’s history featuring Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel. The videos were posted on the microsite “Inside Chanel”, as well as Youku and Sina Weibo. The brand partnered with Elle to host the videos on a microsite, adding buzz to the campaign. The #Inside Chanel# had more than 115,401 mentions on Sina Weibo and more than 155,000 views on Youku.


Beauty brand executives have said the lack of a Fragrance history in China provides an opportunity to lure customers, and the fragrance market is predicted to grow on average 11.1% year-over-year until 2017. Therefore, even if Fragrance campaigns do not pay off now, they are an investment in future sales.

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