Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 12.47.07 PMChina has 450 million online video viewers, more than any other country and 80% of the internet-connected population. They watch 5.7 billion hours of video per month, and their number is expected to reach 700 million in 2014, making online video a great tool for brands to reach Chinese consumers. Our Digital IQ Index: Luxury – China found a few facts about China’s online video-viewing habits that can help luxury brands best reach them. Here are a few:


Youku is wining video. Besides being the most popular destination for video, the platform yields on average 390,000 views for the most popular brand videos, four times that of Leshi, Tudou, Sina Weibo and Sohu.


Mini-movies are the most preferred form of content, followed by ads. and ads to tutorials. Even though mini-movies make up 4% of the most viewed videos, they account for 629,000 views, which is more than any other video category. Nine of the ten most-viewed videos are mini-movies and television commercials.


Youku’s most popular video was from Burberry. The most viewed video on Youku was the Burberry Trench vide for the Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign starring British couple Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge in iconic trench coats. The video gathered more than 27,303,254 views, close to five times the second most-viewed video, Louis Vuitton’s mini-movie “L’invitation au Voyage.”


Most English-language videos are not translated to Chinese, but those that do have slightly higher views. Only 15% of most popular global videos have been translated to Chinese, and 40% are global videos without Chinese subtitles. Global videos have twice the views of local ones, suggesting foreign content has appeal.

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