With Facebook positioning itself as a viable competitor to YouTube, brands face a major decision when it comes to video strategy. Content that engages viewers on one platform might not do so on the other – meaning that brands must weigh the merits of each when determining where to allocate ad dollars. L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty analyzes how Benefit Cosmetics and CoverGirl have used each platform to generate optimal engagement.

Benefit’s YouTube channel offers quirky, engaging videos, with product usage and helpful tips accounting for 62% of content. The brand takes a different tack on the more ephemeral Facebook, where short videos – such as a time-lapse of the weather –account for 44% of videos uploaded in the past year.

When it comes to promoting content, Benefit follows a similar two-pronged strategy. On YouTube, Benefit prioritizes full-length non-vlogger tutorials (e.g. “Baking to Conceal Dark Under Eyes”). However, on Facebook, the brand once again spends ad dollars on shorter content such as 15-second vlogger tutorial clips.

Share of uploads

CoverGirl’s TV budget is more than 600 times the size of Benefit’s. Consequently, unlike Benefit, the brand continues to spend major dollars on star-studded TV spots and repurposes them on YouTube and Facebook. However, CoverGirl also ensures continued digital relevance by partnering with rising vloggers like Ingrid Nilsen and Jackie Hernández. One in four of the brand’s Facebook uploads is a vlogger tutorial, and vloggers host 38% of YouTube uploads.

Share of uploads

By partnering with Nilsen, one of YouTube’s most popular personalities, CoverGirl received a major boost in visibility. CoverGirl-branded videos gained first-page search visibility for the search “ingrid nilsen tutorial,” and the brand’s video collaborations with Nilsen garnered 17 times more views than its non-vlogger videos – demonstrating the power of working with vloggers.

Despite CoverGirl’s success, many Beauty brands have not yet capitalized on the potential of vlogger tutorials. According to the study, tutorials drive more engagement and significantly more page views than 30-second commercials. However, only 3.5% of Beauty tutorials are currently sponsored by brands.

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