This year, L2 Think Tank published 29 research reports across 9 verticals. 25 were Digital IQ Indexes that ranked the digital competency of brands in a category. Nine focused on individual regions Russia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, China, and the Middle East. L2 Think Tank entered new territory this year; we published our inaugural Digital IQ Index: Home Care in December, and the 2013 Digital IQ Index: Middle East Prestige was our first in-depth study of the region.

We held 44 events for members: 26 in the U.S., fifteen in Europe, and three in Asia. President of Nordstrom Direct Jamie Nordstrom, Photographer Platon, Visual Artist Shantell Martin, and Cellist and Beatboxer Kevin Olusola, and Violinist Amadéus Leopold were a few highlights of our Forum held in November at The Times Center in New York.

We published 1,025 graphs that illustrate our data and simplify comparisons across platforms and brands. We introduced Spider Charts, designed to show how brands compare in each of 12 digital fields.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.44.41 PM

L2 reports showcased 221 Flashes of Genius, innovative digital strategies of brands ranked in our intelligence tool.

Our search tools have advanced. We built a searchable database for cross-sector comparison and quick retrieval of rankings for 2,348 brands in our benchmarks.

We look forward to more reports, graphs, discovery tools and events in 2014.

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