As many old-line department stores shutter locations, pure play retailers are innovating. Net-a-Porter takes it one step further with Porter, its online magazine that allows readers to browse both interviews and products.

As a digital native, Net-a-Porter already boasts a solid digital stock. For example, it offers sophisticated shopping features like one-page checkout on its mobile app for customers across geographies. With Porter magazine added to the mix, it stays abreast of fashion by updating its editorial content frequently with a new cover story every week. Additionally, the shoppability aspect of Porter accounts for 6% of the site’s US desktop traffic, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Department Stores, helping turn the magazine into a brand in its own right.

As such, Porter magazine now has a dedicated iOS app, more than more than 600 thousand fans on Instagram, and text ad listings on Google that link customers to the subscription site for print copies of the magazine. The e-tailer also uses the magazine as an opportunity for site monetization by allowing vendors to publish shoppable native advertising.

Though an online publication alone might not be enough to garner audiences, it can serve as an accent and sale-booster for both e-tailers and retailers. Net-a-Porter serves as a good model for department stores looking to stay ahead of the trends, both digital and fashion related.

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