Honda is heading to Instagram with a new campaign that aims to put users at the wheel. The company just announced that it would be promoting the launch of its Acura ILX sports sedan via Instagram Stories to give users the ability to customize their car using a pack of specially-made GIPHY stickers. Here’s what the move might mean for Acura and the auto industry as a whole.

Despite boasting the 28th largest community on Instagram, Acura saw only 31% growth, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Auto US. The car company’s latest shift towards social media might help boost audience growth as it actively engages users and forces them to spend more than just a glance on Acura’s Instagram page. The move also further reflects the growing trend for auto brands to back away from web advertising investment in favor of other methods of promotion.

Despite a smooth desktop website, Acura also suffers from a mobile site that is not only slow, but lacks geolocation features. Engaging with Instagram users via the new campaign might help make up for the less-than-snappy mobile site, especially since it was recently reported that 81% of millennials do, in fact, enjoy driving even with the abundance of ride-hailing apps at their fingertips.

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