It requires a certain finesse to make home care products lovable, while avoiding reeking of inauthenticity. But cleaning agent Windex seems to have done just that with its recent “The Story of Lucy” ad, which aired on both broadcast TV and YouTube.

The ad depicts the evolving relationship between a father and daughter as reflected through the Windex-ed surfaces of a newborn’s ward window and a gifted glass telescope. This tried-and-tested framework, which has also worked for other brands, could help Windex escape its near-invisibility on digital platforms.

In the past year, Windex hasn’t fared well in terms of online visibility. The brand struggles to appear on both Google and e-tailer sites, according to L2’s Display Advertising report. A streaky online presence and lack of e-commerce initiative seemed to set the brand’s faded status in stone.

While many brands know there’s nothing like a good cry to get consumers buying, “The Story of Lucy” comes out of left field for Windex, which seemed more likely to opt for higher bidding on display ads or boost bulk sales to consumers who already had a ready-to-buy mindset. The ad goes deeper in a way that those tactics could not, and guarantees Windex something almost more valuable than sales or visibility – memorability.

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