The days when brands used social platforms only for top-of-funnel hype are long gone. With two-thirds of users purchasing directly from social media posts at least once in the past year, platforms are quickly rolling out additional commerce features. And brands are buying in: 65% have adopted at least one commerce feature on Facebook and Instagram, a 5% jump from May, according to L2’s report on social platforms and influencers.

While overall commerce feature adoption is up, there’s a stark difference in the adoption rates of shoppable features between Facebook and Instagram, despite the fact that they’re part of the same company. On Facebook, only 19% of brands have adopted shoppable pages, while half of brand Instagram accounts are shoppable. 

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Other differences between the platforms include ease of implementation and visibility. Facebook’s shoppable pages are nearly invisible to users, while its user interface development focus makes it hard for brands to connect their existing e-commerce partners. The Shop Now button may be featured prominently in both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook, but the Shop link is relegated to the barely-used left-side menu. Once a user does click through, very few brands are actually able to facilitate end-to-end purchases on the site.

In one example of a workaround, Guess embeds its own shoppable site within Facebook, complete with geolocation and information on the available selection at the nearest store. Trollbeads uses the Facebook interface to feature a best-sellers list from its catalog, but users still need to click through to the brand site to complete a purchase.

In contrast, Instagram makes shopping easy for users by including a Shop button on the brand’s bio or via shoppable posts in the brand’s feed. Once a user clicks through to a shoppable post, there are prominent handbag icons to indicate which items are shoppable. Clicking on the photo reveals relevant information, including the product name and price. This ease of use makes clear why consumers are flocking to buy everything from clothes to beauty items on the platform. 

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