CEO of teen retailer Abercrombie stepped down today after criticisms about the retailers’ performance and status as a trendsetter. Due to declining shopping-mall traffic, Abercrombie & Fitch reported 11 quarters of same-store sales decline and a 77% plunge in profit.

But the store has recently made advancements in digital that place it as Gifted and number 10 in 82 U.S. Specialty Retailers in the U.S. in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail. The brand has taken a digital-first approach and is one of the few outperforming brands (in the Digital IQ Index) to reduce its retail footprint.

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In terms of omnichannel, the brand is one of the 14% of retailers that have extended their find-in-store functionality to mobile. And for those who prefer their goods delivered, sister brand Hollister is one of nine Index brands that have partnered with Shoprunner to offer two-day shipping and free returns with a subscription.

So while the status of Abercrombie as a teen trendsetter is up for debate, the brand is connecting with the younger, digital savvy consumer base on the operations front.

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