recappSpirits brands are tapping the social side of drinking by creating apps that connect. Three such apps were launched this year. Absolut Vodka’s “Buddy Check” enables users within a bar to check on each other, establish a geo-fence to keep the group together and find missing friends with GPS. Buddies can start the process by bumping phones and checking in together. “RECAPP by Stoli” aggregates all social media activity from the group’s feed to create a video of the night, which becomes shareable in the morning. Chivas’s Mashtun app has five parlor games Mashtact (resembles Charades), Mashjam (jam sessions using music tracks), Mashtip (presents physical challenges), Mashrelay (a voice-based relay race), Mashseek (hide and seek for phones) for groups of up to 24, and suggests games based on the number of people present.


The apps – featured in a Flash of Genius in our Digital IQ Index: Spirits – aim to get groups to willingly explore a brand, a tactic that could be more effective, or at least more economical, than ads. The group aspect helps as well, since one person’s interest can peak others’.

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