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One of the challenges of personalization is walking the line of asking the consumer too little or too much. While brands have an incentive to obtain as much information as possible from consumers at sign-up time to personalize future communications, too many fields of entry could backfire. The average brands asks for responses to 4.9 fields when a consumers signs up for an account, with email address, zip code, phone number, birthday, gender the most common types of information asked for.

How can brands go beyond the basic information without risking abandonment? A few brands have implemented optional fields in addition to required ones. Some have incentivized responses to additional fields by promising and revealing a discount code at the end of a list of questions.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.59.27 PMSign-up isn’t the only time brands can collect information from consumers. Beauty and sportswear brands – which have on average six customization fields – collect information from consumers after they sign up. For example, a pop-up window can ask a consumer for skin characteristics or workout habits in exchange for relevant recommendations.

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