Sina Weibo is by far the most popular social media platform among Personal Care brands in China. Our Digital IQ Index: Personal Care | China finds that 92% percent of Personal Care brands are present on the platform compared to 58% on Tencent Weibo, the next most popular platform. That’s twice the number of brands present on WeChat. However, most brands are having a problem keeping user activity and interaction rates high on the platform as their community size grows, as the following graph shows.

china-personal-care-2014-sina-weibo-brand-page-size-vs-fan-engagment For example, Men’s Grooming has the largest number of fans, 567,931 compared to the average community size of 400,000. However, the Tissue & Hygiene category with a much smaller community size (334,320) has a 0.308% engagement rate (vs. 0.100% for Men’s Grooming). And Head & Shoulders, which boasts one of the 10 largest fan bases, is in the bottom 10 for active fans.


Brands can do a few things to increase engagement on Sina Weibo, such as adding custom tabs and running contests that require reposts. Brands are employing such methods, but not all are fully optimizing for engagement and sales. For example, more than half of brands employ custom tabs on Sina Weibo to boost engagement, but less than a third of the tabs promote e-commerce links and fewer than 10% display pricing. Similarly, just a third of brand accounts display customer service numbers and reply to customer inquiries on their message boards. Only a quarter use Weikeku for customer service and order tracking on Sina Weibo.

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