Pet care e-commerce is dominated by two retailers, the juggernaut that is Amazon and the pet-specific Chewy. For brands to thrive in this landscape, cross-platform visibility is key, especially against generic pet food keywords.

In terms of organic search visibility, seven of the top ten best performers appear on both Chewy and Amazon, including Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Merrick, and Natural Balance, which perform well cross-platform thanks to trending search behavior for health and wellness. Blue Buffalo, however, is top dog on each site, appearing on the first page of over half of Amazon dog food searches and nearly two-thirds of those on Chewy.

Other brands attempting to close this visibility gap must approach each retailer differently. On Amazon, brands ought to leverage Amazon Marketing Service’s Sponsored Product and Headline Search Ad opportunities. Chewy’s absence of paid media and sponsored listings means brands must be more creative on the pet e-tailer.

Chewy’s private label, American Journey, demonstrates best practices on the pet-specific retailer, and suggests how brands can distinguish themselves. Discount badges adorn American Journey product results, allowing them to visually stand out amidst a sea of search results. Chewy also cross-sells American Journey on other product pages, under the “You May Also Like” header. Additionally, brands are able to work with Chewy to post more original content on their product pages, especially video content. These opportunities offer a chance to boost visibility despite Chewy’s lack of sponsored products and search ads. Brands should keep an eye out for any paid media opportunities that arise on Chewy moving forward, and take advantage accordingly.

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