Amazon’s next step to establish itself in the fashion market comes in the form of a pop-up store on London’s Baker Street.

Here’s what Gartner L2 researchers saw on opening day:

Private label blends in

Customers can purchase products from a range of fashion brands at the contemporary and mid-market price points. Unlike the online offering, items are categorized by brand rather than product, making search difficult. Only Tommy Hilfiger and Pepe Jeans have dedicated labelled sections.

Instead of grouping its private label fashion brands, Amazon plants them among products with similar price points such as Libertine, Gestuz, and Antik Batik.


Mobile commerce has some snags

All products have either a red or cream tag with an Amazon Smile QR code on one side and a barcode on the reverse. Items with cream tags can be tried on in-store and scanned using the Amazon app on mobile devices to purchase immediately or save for later. While red tag items are exclusively available online. Mobile point of commerce is also available through store assistants.

Although the QR code worked at lightning speed, the barcodes failed to direct to the product pages. Plus, all five QR codes tested led to products with limited online stock availability on multiple sizes. This is perhaps a ploy to encourage in-store purchases – an idea reinforced by signs dotted around the store offering the chance to win tickets to the evening events when customers check out in-store. £100 gift cards were also up for grabs for completing a survey of the store experience.

Amazon Shopping

Social also has some snags

The pop-up is set up for social with Instagram-ready lighting and mirrors, an Amazon smile seat, and free WiFi. However, London is yet to warm to using the designated hashtag, #afhosts, which has only garnered 44 posts so far.

Overall, there was a steady flow of people through the store, but more for observation purposes rather than sales. Regardless, the five-day event shows Amazon’s determination to bring fun into fashion and carve a name for itself in the online market.

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