When it comes to boosting customers’ confidence in its items, Amazon has relied primarily on user-generated written reviews. This year, however, the online retailer is vamping up its product strategy with video.

Launching in the heat of the holiday season, the promotional and instructional videos will be no longer than 30 seconds. The company has invited some of its two million merchant partners to join the test program, with videos posted to the site in mid-December.

This feature is a logical step given how often consumers watch how-to and product review videos before making purchases. By adding the feature, Amazon clearly aims to keep shoppers on its own site, preventing them from migrating to YouTube or social media platforms.

Although the e-tailer already includes related video shorts at the bottom of product pages, the new videos aim to strike a balance between sponsored and authentic — much like the content produced by grav3yardgirl and MKBHD, whose product review videos on YouTube are seen by over thirteen billion subscribers collectively. More broadly, they tap into e-commerce’s burgeoning video push, with apps like Yeay enabling mainly millennial users to sell their items online through Snapchat-style video clips. By adding a similar feature, Amazon could attract customers who aren’t interested in reading through a lengthy reviews section every time they want to buy a product.

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