Amazon’s private label assortment continues to expand. This week the e-tailer announced the launch of “Find,” a fashion-forward brand offering men’s and women’s clothing that will be available on Amazon’s UK marketplace. The move indicates that Amazon is getting more aggressive—and ambitious—about playing the role of brand as well as retailer.

Find is the largest launch of an Amazon private label fashion brand to date. The collection boasts more than 800 items, a multi-national marketing campaign in the UK, France, Spain, and Germany, and a 25% off promotion during the launch event. Notably, women’s items from Find are more contemporary and pricier than what typically constitutes Amazon’s private label offerings. For example, the “Find Women’s Monica Over-The-Knee Boot” is listed for £65 (approximately $85). Other items include wrap dresses, plaid trench coats, and floral print dresses.


L2’s recent report on Amazon’s US Fashion market finds that the e-tailer’s private label brands are gaining traction in clothing categories characterized by basics, such as tees and polos, but struggle in more contemporary categories. Amazon Essentials is the e-tailer’s top-performing private label fashion brand in the US market, accounting for 4% of daily bestsellers during July— up from zero a year ago—in the competitive Men’s Clothing category. The brand’s top-selling item is the “Men’s Cotton Pique Polo Shirt,” which is markedly similar to an item sold by Dockers but costs half the price.

Amazon FashionAmazon could be using Find to fill the vacuum of white space opportunities left by the lack of major contemporary brands. For example, Tory Burch, Rag & Bone, and Boden do not officially distribute on Amazon in either the US or the UK, leaving a wide opening for private label.


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