From clothing to food to electronics, you're probably buying a lot more Amazon-manufactured products than you realize. The e-commerce giant is slowly but surely taking over every sector. In typical frenemy fashion, Amazon has launched more than a dozen private label brands that offer merchandise similar to many popular name brands.

Can you tell the Amazon private label offerings from the brand name merchandise?

Each pair below contains one brand-name item and one Amazon private label item. See if you can tell the difference:


  • Alex and Ani



  • Amazon Collection



    Partnering with Amazon helped Alex and Ani scale its distribution, but it also gave the e-tailer access to information that made it easy to launch copycat products. As former CMO Ryan Bonifacino put it during Gartner L2's Amazon clinic in April, "When you share data with Amazon, you are sharing everything."

    Men's Fashion

    • Tri-Mountain



    • Amazon Essentials



      Amazon Essentials is Amazon’s top-performing private label fashion brand, and this polo is their bestselling item.

      Women's Activewear

      • Amazon's Lark & Ro brand



      • Marc New York



        Lark & Ro, an Amazon brand, was one of four Amazon brands to creep into the Best Seller rankings on Prime Day.

        Women's Fashion

        • Amazon's Essentialist brand



        • Everlane



          Given that Everlane products aren't sold on Amazon, basics like this low-priced shirt have the potential to spring Amazon into fast-fashion fame.

          Men's Footwear

          • Kenneth Cole



          • Amazon's Franklin & Freeman brand



            Amazon's Franklin & Freeman brand offers both men’s shoes and tailored suits, but has yet to score a Best Seller item.

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