Amazon has quietly launched its own line of activewear clothing, according to brand analysis conducted by L2 researchers.

Three new activewear brands — Goodsport, Rebel Canyon, and Peak Velocity — are being promoted in Amazon’s holiday gift guide this week. They were also trademarked by the office of intellectual property lawyer James F Struthers, whose name has been associated with previous Amazon trademark applications, and make heavy use of headline ads, Vine campaigns, and other marketing tactics commonly used by the e-tailer’s private label brands.

Amazon’s expansion into activewear doesn’t come as a surprise, as the company was known to have been working with Taiwanese suppliers earlier this year. Yet details surrounding its private label initiatives were previously unknown.

Here’s the brief on the three new brands:

Goodsport– Men’s and women’s low-priced performance apparel, with similar assortments to Champion and other budget activewear brands. It’s worth noting that Amazon operates another clothing brand similarly named “Goodthreads.”

Peak Velocity– Premium men’s activewear that targets the same consumers shopping for Nike and Under Armour. Trademark filing suggests the brand could expand into athletic bags.

Rebel Canyon– Men’s and women’s streetwear/athleisure clothing that almost feels like a lower-priced take on urban athleisure offerings from Nike and Lululemon.


Of the three new offerings, Goodsport appears to have the most momentum out of the gate. The brand competes at a price level typical for top-selling activewear products on Amazon, and will compete with Champion on the low-priced men’s assortment and long-tail brands in women’s leggings.

In contrast, Amazon’s more contemporary activewear offerings by Rebel Canyon and Peak Velocity have a long way to go before they are viable competitors to Under Armour and Nike. Peak Velocity has just 10 product listings, and its $79 price for higher-end items will be a difficult sell to consumers compared to more established brand names such as Nike and Lululemon.

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