CPG brand loyalty has been falling since 2010, with paper products and food storage items suffering some of the greatest losses. Further evidence of that trend comes from L2’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care, which finds that Amazon shoppers are more likely to search for unbranded terms than brand names.

The largest disparities between branded searches and those for category terms are in the toilet paper and paper towel categories. In the paper towels category, for example, category search volume is 11 times higher than search volume for the average brand – implying that consumers generally have no preference for specific manufacturers.

Home care

These differences are smaller in Tissues and Air Care, suggesting that shoppers have more brand loyalty for companies manufacturing those products. Given the pervasiveness of “Kleenex” as a catchall term for “facial tissue,” this may be unsurprising; in Air Care, where P&G brands like Febreze lead the way, the finding may provide more food for thought.

CPG marketers pour billions of dollars into advertising, and Amazon also encourages brand loyalty through subscription programs like Dash and Subscribe ‘n Save. However, these findings suggest that most Home Care brands could do more to remain at the top of consumers’ minds.

Jumpshot provided data for this post.

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