Ecommerce is widely seen as a threat to retailers, but a new study reveals that when it comes to apparel, consumers shop differently on Amazon than at Zara or H&M. Basics like T-shirts, underwear, and socks are typically bestsellers rather than trendier items, according to L2’s Amazon Fashion report. Top footwear brands are Skechers, Adidas, and Crocs, which produce frequently replenished classic styles like sneakers and flip-flops.

Best-selling footwear on Amazon

Moreover, Amazon shoppers favor cheaper products: 65 of the 100 bestselling shoes most visible in search results cost less than $100, and 24 were less than $50. That contrasts sharply with competitor Nordstrom, where 51 were less than $100 and just six cost less than $50.


This suggests retailers should continue to focus on emphasizing trends and seasonal styles, since Amazon shoppers seem less interested in those areas. However, it also means that retailers might not be able to compete with Amazon on affordable basics.

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