Mobile shopping on Amazon is on the rise. Seventy percent of Amazon shoppers placed an order on a mobile device in Q4 2015, up 10% from a year ago. More than ever, brands to get their products in front of Amazon’s mobile consumers, and Sponsored Products — Amazon’s keyword-targeted advertising product that places relevant product listings on first-page search results — is one way to do so. However, Amazon does not fully explain how advertisers can get their Sponsored Products on mobile devices, only saying that the ads purchased initially for desktop “may also appear on mobile and tablet browsers.”

To investigate the mobile reach of Amazon Sponsored Products, L2 tracked Sponsored Products that appeared in first-page search results for 21 Laundry and 29 Electronics keywords on desktop, Android mobile, iOS mobile, and tablet browsers. After tracking these keywords for over a month, L2 found Amazon Sponsored Products usually appear simultaneously on desktop and mobile devices. For example, of the 157 unique Sponsored Products served against Laundry search terms, 91% appeared on all four mobile, desktop, and tablet browsers at once. This was also true for 77% of the 429 unique Electronics Sponsored Products.

Based on this analysis, Amazon is likely underselling the reach of its Sponsored Products. This may be due to the changes in mobile reach based on industry, or because a smaller fraction of desktop Sponsored Products appear embedded in search results is generally smaller than the percent that appear on the sidebar of search results. Either way, if a brand can manage to get their Sponsored Products to appear in the search results for a desktop page, they are likely to be reaping outsized rewards for their investment.

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