For the first time ever, Amazon will distribute its original videos on social media sites. Facebook and YouTube users can view pilot episodes from ten Amazon series, a teaser that Amazon hopes will convert them to Prime users.

Adding the videos to Facebook could potentially be a savvy strategy, given the platform’s explosive growth in video. However, L2 research suggests that viewers might not watch an entire episode on the platform.

Facebook videos that last less than 15 seconds garner nearly double the engagement rate of videos between 30 and 59 seconds, according to L2’s Video report. Videos that last more than a minute score even less engagement.

Video length

Nearly all Facebook users access the platform via mobile devices, and more than half never use the desktop version. To be successful on the platform, videos need to cater to increasingly short mobile attention spans. While Amazon’s full-length episodes could generate substantial interest, they might not gain as many views – and thus Prime conversions – as the company’s videos on YouTube.



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