Amazon’s Choice is a badge that Amazon assigns to best-in-class products, making it a highly coveted designation for sellers. In order to win the badge, Gartner L2’s Amazon Marketing Playbook: CPG Home Care finds that the product must be Prime-eligible, meet a ratings and review threshold, and have a low return rate and strong sales performance on the keyword for which it has been nominated.

Performance on specific keywords can be boosted by running Sponsored Product campaigns that bid extensively on the keyword, which can boost position on the search page and drive product conversions. Brands that have more Amazon’s Choice badges also tend to have more Sponsored Products in the same category, according to Gartner L2’s report.

Sponsored activity and Amazon’s Choice designation on the keyword “fresh wipes” outlines this strong relationship. In the beginning of October 2017, a Cottonelle product was designated as Amazon’s Choice for the “fresh wipes” term. However, Cottonelle began to cede impressions to Amazon Elements towards the end of the month. Consequently, a week after Thanksgiving, the Amazon’s Choice badge went to the private label brand.

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