Amazon is bringing together its immense strengths in content and commerce with the launch of “Style Code Live,” a live TV show resembling QVC’s home shopping channel. Hosts will provide fashion and makeup tips, and users can buy mentioned products underneath the video player.

Most Big Box stores already incorporate videos into their content marketing strategies: 93% of brand sites in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box display video. However, none of them can match Amazon’s immense scale. The e-commerce behemoth stacked up $79 billion in sales in 2015, more than five times the earnings of its nearest competitor, Walmart. Even if just a fraction of Amazon shoppers watch “Style Code Live”, they could yield impressive view counts for the show.

Other e-tailers have also attempted to make digital content shoppable. However, retailers with a store presence typically outperform them, according to L2’s Insight Report: Department Stores Shoppable Content. Stores including Neiman Marcus and Harrods invest in shoppable lookbooks and link product pages to editorial content, strategies many of their pure play competitors fail to implement.


“Style Code Live” also reflects Amazon’s ambition to become a content creator as well as a retailer. The company has embarked on an ambitious spending spree to strengthen its video offerings, paying $15 million for Woody Allen’s upcoming film and spending the most at the Sundance Film Festival this year – investments that invite comparison with premium cable networks such as HBO. With “Style Code Live,” Amazon is signaling that it also wants to be QVC.


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