While brands such as Kylie Cosmetics have caught up to Anastasia Beverly Hills in both follower counts and interactions, the Instagram heavyweight is still one step ahead of competitors. This year, Anastasia transformed its Instagram Stories into a one-stop e-commerce shop, helping turn the brand’s legions of followers into paying customers.

Posting more than six times a day, the company was the second most active brand on Instagram Stories in 2017. Most impressively, over 90% of its Stories link to e-commerce.

Beauty stories

Anastasia consistently posts themed tutorials such as “How to Perfect Your Lip Application,” featuring on-model demonstrations by makeup artists. While the tutorials themselves are not revolutionary, Anastasia takes the strategy a few steps further. Every tutorial has its own landing page on the brand’s mobile-optimized site, bringing together all the products used or mentioned in the Story in one easily shoppable place. Consumers can modify the shade and quantity of each product, then add items right into their carts.


As the most important platform for beauty brands, Instagram is bursting with opportunities for optimization. By closing the gap between social content and commerce, Anastasia Beverly Hills proved that it’s still a leader on the platform. 

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