Want happier hotel guests? Try revamping your app with an element of digital control.

Typically used for booking and loyalty management, hotel apps also offer a major opportunity to connect with guests and improve their experience through digital control functionalities. These give guests the power to control a range of activities through their phones, from checking in to streaming Netflix. Yet just 35% of hotel mobile apps include digital control elements, according to L2’s Hotels: Mobile Innovation report.

Digital control

While most hotel brands limit the amount of digital control in their apps to reserving a table at the hotel restaurant or messaging the concierge, Virgin Hotels and Radisson RED buck the trend. Their apps boast an impressive number of functions (if you can get past RED’s too on-the-nose “ageless millennial mindset” marketing). Of course, it’s much easier to roll out these features for a newer brand with a smaller footprint (RED has three hotels open, Virgin only one) than a brand like Hyatt, which would have to implement a new functionality across 13 brands and more than 600 properties. Yet hotel brands of all sizes can improve guest experiences and satisfaction by adding digital control elements to their mobile apps.

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