Even though mobile and tablet users spend 80% of their time on mobile devices on apps, brand-owned apps are not their destinations of choice. In our Digital IQ Index: Watches & Jewelry report we found that jewelry brands continue to invest in apps while maintaining subpar mobile websites, despite evidence that consumers prefer to use the latter.

One in seven sites belonging to brands in the watches and jewelry category cannot be viewed properly on a mobile device. Our study found that only 14% of mobile sites support video and just 7% support interactive images.


Malfunction of a brand website on a mobile browser can be especially damaging on a tablet where there is potential for capturing monthly page views and conversion rates. 8% of monthly page views occur on tablets compared to 7% on smartphones. Conversion rates are significantly higher for tablets as well. IPads have 3.5x the conversion rate of iPhones.

25% of watches and jewelry brands have a mobile app in lieu of a mobile site. Only 19% of brands in that category prioritize their mobile site over their mobile app.

Apps don’t seem to be creating a better user experience. We studied 137 apps developed by 49 brands for the U.S iTunes store. Only 54% received any kind of user ratings and 41% of rated apps were rated three stars or less.


It’s not just the luxury brands that should think twice before creating an app and take a look at whether their mobile site is offering an optimal user experience. The app fatigue is hitting other sectors as well, even media. An Adweek report said that only 6% of tablet users used the device to read a magazine. A Nielsen report found that consumers have an average of 41 apps on their phone. Digital research and consulting firm Localytics found that 22% of apps are opened just once. Most of the time spent on apps is spent on Facebook, Twitter, maps, Instagram, and games such Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga. As one popular Tumblr site put it rather bluntly, the consumer is not looking to download another app.

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