One of the latest digital features that brick-and-mortar retailers in Europe are offering customers is expedited checkout in-store.

Over half of retailer apps in Gartner L2’s Digital Index: Retail Europe feature a barcode scanner, mainly to provide more detailed product information. However, four retailers­—Alcampo, Auchan, Netto and Monoprix— have advanced that technology to allow customers to add scanned items to an online shopping cart in-store, and bypass checkout lines by paying on their phones.

Feature adoption

In the UK, Asda, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco are making headway. Asda’s Scan & Go handheld device and Sainsbury’s SmartShop app allows customers to scan items in store, bag them, and pay through a dedicated checkout line. However, hot on the heels of Amazon Go’s launch, Sainsbury’s is now developing a new app that will enable the entire transaction to take place through the app, allowing the customer to just walk out—the true essence of scan and go.

In a similar vein, Tesco is trailing a Scan Pay Go app in its London headquarters. The store is already cashless—capitalizing on the increase in customers paying by card—and has reduced checkout times by half as a result.

The outlook is promising: over half of brands tracked by Gartner L2 provide in-app checkout for e-commerce orders. When combined with the barcode scanner function, an even more frictionless shopping experience could be born.

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