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Our Mobile & Tablet event looked at device use throughout the day, and found traffic on smartphone and tablets to peak at 8 pm. Tablets accounted for close to 9% of browser-based traffic at that hour while smartphones accounted for close to 6%. Desktop traffic peaked between the hours of noon and 4 pm, making up over 6% of browser-based traffic. By 8 pm, desktop traffic had declined slightly to 5% of all browser-based page traffic.


The pattern has led advertisers to think of marketing impulse purchases to tablet users between the hours of 7 and 11 pm, taking advantage of the so-called “sofa opportunity.” However, brands have underinvested. 14% of tablet sites in L2’s Digital IQ Index  have broken elements, and desktop sites are often prioritized. 93% of tablet sites are the same as desktop, and only 6% offer a unique tablet experience. The tablet medium deserves more investment, both based on user habits and success rate of leading consumers to purchase.

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