Last week, Instagram launched its latest feature for Stories: the questions sticker. The feature was an instant success, with many users urging their followers to ask questions and then posting the queries along with their responses. However, brands have been slow to incorporate this feature into their digital marketing strategies, even though it seems like a natural fit.

Aritzia, despite ranking Feeble in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail, was among the first retailers to take advantage of the questions sticker to promote products and engage with customers. On Friday, the womenswear label posted an Instagram Story asking followers what their weekend plans were. The brand then posted the responses it received, along with curated shoppable outfits for each occasion.


The format of the questions feature is well suited to this type of marketing because it allows brands to answer questions from followers and share product images simultaneously. In this case, Aritzia made the most of the format by including shoppable photos as the background, encouraging users to purchase their suggested outfits. 

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