L2’s latest Digital IQ Index: Department Stores finds that e-tailers are far ahead of Department stores in using content to take consumers down the purchase funnel. For example, all pure play e-tailers in L2’s Department Stores Index feature editorial content vs. just 72% of brands with a brick-and-mortar presence.

Among e-tailers, ASOS is a best-in-class example for creating visible, searchable, and compelling content to turn browsers into shoppers. Gifted and No. 8 of 58 brands in L2’s 2015 Department Stores study, ASOS outperforms the Index average for search visibility (defined as the number of first page results for which the brand link appears) in seven different geographies with little spending.

department-stores-asos-front-page-visibility-by-region (1)

Diligence – rather than creativity – places ASOS in such an enviable organic search position. The back-end of the ASOS site strategically places an Alt tag on each photo, allowing images to be easily indexed on Google’s search crawlers. Promotional graphics displayed on lifestyle content and homepages feature scannable and copyable text, also making pages ripe for Google’s search engine. Additionally, ASOS uses Structured Data Markup – rich snippets wrapped in span and div tags – to enhance clickthrough and occupy search real estate on broad category searches.

In addition to content distribution, ASOS is also a master at creating content. It is the leader in community size, interactions per post and total interactions on Instagram, surpassing all brands in L2’s Department Stores Index.

department-stores-community-size-post-frequency-and-engagement-on-instagramAnd, ASOS posted all of the top five most interacted-with Instagrams among Department Store brands.


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