department-stores-2016-share-of-interactions-and-brand-posts-on-instagram (1)

ASOS is outperforming all department store brands in Instagram interactions, according to L2’s 2016 Digital IQ Index: Department Stores. The online-only brand accounts for 34% of all interactions (likes, comments, views) with department store brands while its posts make up just 4% of all department store posts. Barneys, Selfridges, and Net-A-Porter post more frequently on Instagram, but account for a smaller fraction of interactions.

Top-performing posts on the ASOS account fall into two categories: 1) Nearly two-thirds of top posts are regrams of food pictures. 2) Thirty percent are product images that resonate with young millennials – e.g. sneakers, quirky slippers, shower slides.

While department store brands can emulate ASOS posts, the young age of ASOS shoppers give the brand a boost. Ninety percent of Instagram users are 35 years old or younger, which aligns with the ASOS consumer base.

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