Blog_auto (1)Our Digital IQ Index: Auto found that Auto brands are reaching out to consumers for email sign up, but failing to keep in touch. Ninety-three percent collect emails from site visitors and 81% direct them to newsletter signup, but just 33% send an initial welcome email. And excluding the welcome notes, 41% of emails to consumers were sent within the first 90 days of signup.


Similarly, 90% of brands offer site visitors to download a brochure or receive a catalogue, but less than half follow through with hard copy mailing in a four-week period.


A decade ago, American consumers bought a new vehicle every four years. Now, that number is six years, and buyers are more open to influences than ever. Thirty-five percent watch videos for research, 39% percent read reviews, 37% compare vehicles and 38% compare offers. Those numbers are likely to grow. Furthermore, 35% said a direct mail ad could prompt them to consider a new brand.


All of that is an opportunity for brands to capture consumers’ attention, and especially effective if they can keep in contact until they are ready to purchase.

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