With its focused, engaged audience, Snapchat is a useful tool for developing relationships with millennials. However, few Auto brands use the platform compared to other sectors, missing an opportunity to interact with the newest generation of car buyers.

Just one in four Auto brands have a Snapchat account, and less than half of those brands actively post on the platform, according to L2’s Insight Report: Lacking Social Skills.

Snapchat activity

Building a Snapchat audience is inexpensive, as long as brands leverage previous investments made on other social platforms – particularly Instagram, which attracts a similar demographic. Yet few Auto brands have adopted this tactic. Only 10% of 42 U.S. Auto brands in L2’s study mentioned Snapchat in a single Instagram post during Q4 2016, and none referenced the platform in either their Instagram or Twitter profiles.

Scion is an exception. The brand partnered with musician Steve Aoki to build its Snapchat following, directing his 3.4 million Instagram followers the brand’s Snapchat account. As opportunities for organic reach on Instagram dwindle, other Auto brands should consider doing the same.

Brand posts including Snapchat


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