Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.31.43 PMThe market for Wearables is expected to grow to $30 to $50 billion in the next five years, but the question of whether the industry is a fad or a lasting technology still remains. One industry, auto, is already moving towards a wearables future and developing cars that offer connectivity. Along with acceleration, handling and fuel efficiency, connectivity is one of the features millennials place an importance on when buying a car. More than half of Gen Y buyers expressed a need to pair their smartphone with a vehicle dashboard, and close to 60% have expressed a desire to customize a vehicle’s technology post purchase.


Mercedes-Benz’s R&D lab in Silicon Valley is building wearables connectible to cars. The brand has partnered with Pebble to create a watch that will vibrate to alert the driver about hazardous road conditions fuel level status. It also helps users find their parking spot.


Google Glass Explorers have begun hacking Android smartphone apps for Tesla to run on the platform. The apps provide charging and climate status. Hyundai will being selling cars connected to wearable devices in 2015 with its Genesis model.


While people may not be willing to wear augmented reality glasses or smartwatches all the time, wearables worn while traveling with car might be an easier sell.

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