A glance at auto brands’ interactions with social media fans reveals that the category’s social success rests on Instagram, and a little bit on Facebook. As shown in a graph from L2’s Insight Report: Auto Lacking Social Skills, 87% of consumers’ interactions with auto brands on social media happens on Instagram. That is a high payoff when considering Instagram accounts for just 10% of social media posts. Facebook posts have a much smaller payoff, as they account for 12% of consumer engagement and 11% of posts.

Twitter, however, is where the true disconnect between efforts and engagement happens. Seventy-seven percent of Auto brands’ posts are on Twitter, while just 1.4% of consumers’ social interactions with the category happen on the platform. The statistic shows that while Twitter can be a platform for brands to make major announcements or respond to consumer queries, it is not the go-to platform for millennials.


Because of the platform’s nature (no place to see likes, comments, and any consumer interaction with a post), the study was unable to quantify the share of interactions on Snapchat. As of now, just 2% of brands are present on the platform. Given Snapchat’s young demographic and Instagram’s algorithm changes signaling the end of organic consumer reach, more brands post on the visual messaging platform.



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