Soon after launching its advertising platform in July 2014, WeChat started to display the number of views and likes of posts publicly. This move aims to give advertisers insight for selecting high-quality public accounts as media outlets to better target consumers. For the first time, the public can monitor these previously hidden metrics.


L2’s upcoming Intelligence Report: Social Platform Study 2014 finds that brands post on average three times a week on WeChat, and each post can generates an average of 1,800 views and 6.6 likes.


Personal Care and Auto generate higher engagement than other categories, using different approaches. Personal Care brands are adept at launching engaging cross-platform campaigns, while Auto brands leverage their investments in sponsorship of nationwide TV shows and Road shows to generate rich and interactive content. However, Beauty brands have garnered the most attention, receiving the highest views and likes per post on WeChat by launching innovative UGC campaigns and beauty tutorials. Retail brands focus on driving e-commerce and offer sweepstakes and coupons to generate views and likes.


In terms of post frequency, Auto brands post twice as much as other verticals in a given week. Watches & Jewelry brands, prioritize quality over than quantity, and post frequency to less than two per week.

Brands should consider consumer behavior on Wechat and consumer content preferences when developing their Wechat strategy. Also, by adopting Wechat’s smartphone-based features, brands can understand which posts resonate with audiences and boost engagement with consumers.

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