Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.49.12 PMMentioned as a case study in our Mobile & Tablets event this week, Axe is starting to shed its identity as the body spray young (high-school to college age) men douse themselves in anticipation of attracting women (according to the commercials). The new site presents Axe’s ideal consumer as an independent young man who has recently entered the workforce. Hair Care products have replaced body sprays, and Axe gives tips on how to use them to achieve close to 20 different hairstyles.


What’s interesting about the site is not only brand evolution, but how the mobile and desktop versions are identical in design and different in functionality. Both have the sleek design, tongue-in-cheek language, serious instructions, but content order is tailored to each device. For example, the online site allows for browsing through hairstyle pictures, whereas the mobile site quickly takes users to a diagnosis find products right for their hair type and lifestyle. The mobile design is responsive to touch, and tapping pictures of the male models will bring up instructions and products used.


Axe Matte Effect shows evolution is a good thing, both in brand identity and user interface.


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