Mobile apps are overtaking physical destinations, especially in banking. But financial services brands have been slow to respond: just 15% of banks indexed in L2’s Financial Services report maintain apps of their own. Today, Adobe unveiled several new tech advancements to Wall Street that promise a new approach to integrating financial services and technology.

One feature, called “fluid experiences,” re-imagines the digital experience as one that can enhance, not extinguish the physical one. This includes shared screen capabilities and location-based personalization. For example, when you walk into a bank, instructions on how to access new services in the bank pop up on your phone.

With brick-and-mortar banking increasingly unpopular among millennials, these features could be eagerly adopted by banks seeking to lure younger customers back to their physical locations. As many as 71% of millennials would rather visit their dentists than listen to their banks; Adobe is banking on the fact that new digital “experiences” can make financial institutions more enticing.

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